Standard Hayssen Packaging Machine Rebuild/Upgrade
  • Accu-Pak stepper/servo drive system:
    Replaces outdated, nonproductive AC drives.
    Clean, easily accessible and simpler to maintain.
    Improves machine production and efficiency.

  • Accu-Pak PakTroll controls upgrade:
    Utilizes Allen Bradley PLC & Touchscreen.
    Efficient, flexible and operator friendly.
    Improves operating efficiency.

  • Heavy-Duty jaw assembly upgrade with new stroke cylinder:
    Highly efficient, long lasting, durable.

  • New improved air cylinders, valves & air lines:
    Easier access and simplified maintenance reduces downtime.
    Enhances production efficiency.

  • New Smart Eye™ registration system:
    Improved efficiency and package quality.
    Easier set-up/adjustment.

  • All new wiring, heaters and RTD’s:
    Improved production efficiency.
    Easier access and maintenance.

  • Refurbish frame, guards & electrical enclosure:
    Disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and repainted to your specifications.


Update your old vffs equipment to your specifications at well below the cost of a new machine! You decide the level of refurbishment and the types of upgrades best suited for your application.
  • Install current technology at a fraction of the cost of a new machine
  • Reduce your maintenance costs and downtime
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Reduce packaging material waste
  • Fewer spare parts and fewer “wear-parts” to replace
  • Affordable, convenient, off-the-shelf technology
  • All rebuilds/upgrades are backed by our standard factory warranty
  • In-house, experienced service technicians always available
  • Spare parts inventory

Proven Success! Over 1,000 Accu-Pak Rebuilds in the field and running today!

Complete spare parts inventory for CMD and other brands of VFFS equipment.

Ask about our trade-in program, or about purchasing remanufactured VFFS equipment!

* Photo depicts the typical condition of used equipment Accu-Pak receives for refurbishment and does not necessarily represent a model that matches the after photo.

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